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Podcasting 101

Let's build your audience, together

What you'll learn

  • How to strategically start a podcast

  • Essential Equipment

  • Define Audience

  • Planning the Story

  • Editing Software

  • Podcasts Hosting and Recording Platforms

  • How to get your podcast on popular streaming platforms

  • And much more

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The benefits of Podcasting 101

Podcasting is a rapidly growing industry, providing ample job opportunities for those with skills in audio production, storytelling, and marketing.


Podcasting can cover a wide range of topics, making it a suitable choice for students with diverse interests and backgrounds.


Podcasting provides students with opportunities to develop technical, creative, and interpersonal skills, which are in high demand in many industries.


Podcasting is a low-cost and accessible medium, allowing students to showcase their skills and build their personal brand, potentially leading to entrepreneurship opportunities.


Podcasting encourages active and interactive learning, making it fun and engaging to learn and practice essential skills.


Podcasting can be done from anywhere, providing students with flexible learning options and the ability to work on projects at their own pace.


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